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Sandra Barr
Event Planning manager at Inspiring Speakers Bureau
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What are the Powerful Ways to Motivate and Inspire Your Audience?

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Susan Gemell
Communications Director, Inspiring Speakers Bureau

Motivation has the power to change a person's life. Motivation alters our mentality and perspective on life. Motivation inspires you to take risks and aim for the skies. Motivation encourages you to believe in yourself and to take the actions necessary to develop your abilities in attaining your objectives.

If you have a key message to convey (and if you don't, why are you making this presentation? ), you must find a means to ensure that your key points are remembered. Another way to put it is that you must stand out in order for your ideas to stand out. Don't be scared to make a statement and stand out! Breaking away from the pack, whether in lobbying, sales, or motivational speaking, maybe a very useful leadership talent.

There are several methods for motivating others or oneself. Actions and words may both be used to motivate others. That's where a motivating speech may help. My favourite sort of speech is a motivational one. I like to refer to it as "the feel-good speech." Why do I refer to it as that? You guessed correctly. Yes, since I usually feel better after hearing a motivational lecture.

What are the Powerful Ways to Motivate and Inspire Your Audience?


  1. Consider a different approach. Consider how this issue has been presented previously. Why did the prior speakers deal with it the way they did? What were the benefits and drawbacks of various approaches? Can you try anything new instead of the prior way if it didn't work? How can you be a unique presenter who capitalizes on the benefits of public speaking?
  2. Try “suspending your expertise.” Pretend you're relatively new to your industry or business. Consider the situation from the perspective of a novice. Issues that were previously too personal and familiar for you to see properly may suddenly come into sharp focus.
  3. Elicit audience responses. Come up with techniques for listeners or participants in online meetings to reply. It doesn't matter if it's dead air or the lifeless vacuum of cyberspace—you don't want your audience to be exposed to it. If you think this is a revolutionary notion, rebel! There are millions of other professionals out there right now that would love nothing more than to try something new in a Zoom meeting.
  4. Live in your audience's world. Here's your chance to transform your entire perspective on how to be a good public speaker. We're all guilty of being "speaker-centric," that is, preoccupied with ourselves and our performance. However, whatever you say and how you say it should be focused on your audience. What piques their curiosity and turns them on? What are their needs that you can meet? How can your strategy, as well as the language you employ, be tailored to reach and motivate them?
  5. Choose humanity over data. Presenters who are exclusively concerned with conveying information make two errors. They first allow themselves to be swallowed by the facts, which diminishes their significance. Second, they overlook the importance of human-to-human interaction. When you chat to listeners, whether in person or online, they hear what you're saying. Suddenly, both your goal and the activity's common qualities become extremely obvious. If thinking like this inspires you to write tales that include facts rather than simply turning on the fire hose, then more power to you (literally).

To your speaking success!

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Patricia Winterkorn
Member, Inspiring Speakers Bureau

A skilled and well-trained motivational speaker can not only create a picture with their narrative but also teach a lesson and inspire people in ways that are relevant to their lives. A seasoned motivational speaker, above all, can read the room and speak to the audience's needs rather than their own. Let's look at a few more essential characteristics of a great motivational speaker.

What are the Powerful Ways to Motivate and Inspire Your Audience?

Passion: It is important that you have a passion for what they do and what they talk about to be a great motivational speaker for events. Passionate about what they do can only help them grow as a motivational speaker. More significantly, someone who inspires others is a motivational speaker that has a love for their job. An audience may take up the enthusiasm of the speaker for what they do and have more regard for them and their job.

Dynamic: The requirements of people vary constantly with time and situation. Any effective event motivator will know how to negotiate these situations so that their message is always relevant for the audience. To really teach your audience knowledge and inspiration, motivational speakers must show dynamic characteristics. In order to be dynamic, a motivational speaker must constantly keep up to speed with the newest developments in his specialized field.

Confidence: Confidence is crucial when talking about motivation. If you want your audience to be enthusiastic about what you're trying to convey, it is important that you trust yourself.

A Strong Speaking Voice: Motivational speakers often expose themselves before extremely broad audiences. It is thus important to have a strong and powerful voice across the room. An experienced motivational speaker for events has a voice whose audiences concentrate on influence and authority throughout the presentation. A motivating speaker must not only have a powerful voice but must talk clearly, concisely and with a flawless announcement.

Empathy: Empathy for your job and your audience is another important characteristic for a motivating speaker. Capable of sympathizing with others, presenters may extend their work to another level and connect to their listeners. Great motivating speakers will empathize with us to put their audience in their shoes so that they can better comprehend their feelings. Empathy will allow presenters to provide lectures that empower everyone in the room.

Humour Sensibility: Everybody loves someone with a proper sense of humour. Humour is one of the greatest methods to keep your audience enthusiastic about your presentations. Adding jokes or amusing anecdotes throughout your address is a great approach to make your speech in certain parts lively and lighthearted.

Nicole Allen
Member, Inspiring Speakers Bureau

The five greatest and most effective methods to inspire your audience are 

1. Teach and entertain the audience.

The main aim of the motivational and inspiring workshops is to educate and give the audience a method to achieve success. But a speaker would quickly lose interest if he simply attempts to lecture his audience. So a speaker should add some amusement to his speech in order to retain their attention. Give the audience information and knowledge, but with a dash of fun.

2. Body language use

To attract your audience's attention, eye contact is important. Keep your eye contact and utilize your body language properly and will assist maintain the public's attention in discussion.

3. Don't try to read

Reading slides, notes or other information that helps make your presentation dull. Say something other than your content to assist. Never use your notes to copy and paste your words.

4. Use examples and pictures.

Using appropriate examples, a speaker gets greater attention from his audience. The inclusion of pictures or animations in your presentation instead of text will make it more appealing for the audience and show more attention.

5. Engage the audience in discussions

Ask your audience questions or offer them the opportunity to express their views. This will also help increase the audience's interest in the discussion. As the audience becomes part of your conversation, the audience will talk to you.

Many more methods are available to make your session more appealing and inspire your audience.

To your speaking success!

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