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Elizabeth Lee
Moderator, Inspiring Speakers Bureau
Asked a question 9 months ago

What is the best way to begin to develop speaking content as an inspiring motivational speaker?

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Robert Decker
Communications Director, Inspiring Speakers Bureau

If English is not your first language, you may be required to take an English language proficiency test, such as the IELTS or the TOEFL, as part of your study abroad application. These exams may seem simple, but learning to write and talk in a sophisticated and eloquent way in a foreign language is difficult. To succeed, you'll need to put in a lot of consistent work to learn a new language, but several fast solutions may help you improve your test performance quickly.

If your test is just a few weeks away, here are some fast methods to enhance your English language abilities.

Watch English-language Movies

Watching Netflix series may not enhance your debate abilities or formal register. Still, it will help you comprehend the language better, become accustomed to everyday, conversational forms of English, and indirectly acquire a feel for it. You may also attempt to identify terms that seem very casual and seek up their more academic equivalents. Of course, there are many documentaries available online (try anything by David Attenborough to get started). Being exposed to a language for the duration of a film may assist you to begin thinking in English.

Immerse yourself with English news.

Try to read a variety of English-language newspapers, including broadsheets, periodicals, and tabloids. This variety of news sources will keep you up to speed on current events and help you improve your vocabulary. Another benefit is that you will get more familiar with how words are spelled and used in different situations.

Begin compiling a vocabulary book with practical terms.

Begin compiling a collection of helpful terms and phrases in a notebook or on your computer. Make a mental note of any unfamiliar words you hear or see. Don't just look for the term itself; also look for synonyms and sentences in which it's utilized. After all, you may know what terms like "precedence" or "tantalizing" imply, but do you know how to apply them correctly?

Carry on discussions in English

As beneficial as listening and reading activities are, you must also engage with English and develop your speaking abilities. If you're fortunate, you'll know a few native speakers who can assist you, but if not, attempt to meet up with someone else learning English. Another approach is to speak to or videotape oneself in the mirror. Listening to the sound of your speech may seem uncomfortable at first, but you will be able to notice errors that you were previously unaware of.


To your speaking success!

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Susan Gemell
Communications Director, Inspiring Speakers Bureau

Many individuals who have a love for sharing their success stories are interested in becoming motivational speakers. Motivational speakers come from a variety of professions and backgrounds. Motivational speakers may convert a unique story or concept into a full-time job after being inspired by personal or professional experiences.

Developing a plan for public speaking may come quickly or need some effort. Experiment with various methods to convey your message and maintain your professional network to increase your reputation. To begin your inspiring trip, follow these steps:

1. Begin with a topic you are familiar with.

You must be enthusiastic about the topic you want to promote. You'll have a hard time persuading others that it should matter to them if it doesn't matter to you. If you're stuck on ideas, make a list of topics you're passionate about and want to share with others. It enhances your content and credibility if you have an expert-level understanding of the topic. You most likely already know what you want to talk about.

2. Create original material

It's time to create your content and offer it uniquely now that you have a more straightforward concept of what you'll be talking about. People are drawn to fresh ideas they haven't heard before, so pay attention to what's already out there and consider how your version of the material might best appeal to those unfamiliar with the topic.

Now is the moment to establish a website dedicated to your position as a motivational speaker if you haven't previously done so. Audiences are enticed to pay attention through engaging material.

3. Recognize your intended audience.

Even though you want everyone to enjoy your massage, you can't expect everyone to. Recognize that this is normal and to be anticipated. Concentrate on engaging with your most active audience members and creating material that speaks to them. Through interaction on social media, message boards, and other kinds of communication like email and fan mail, you'll learn a lot about your fans.

4. Determine the level of public interest

Share unique quotations, write blog articles, and collaborate with influencers on social media platforms to establish your online profile. You might write an e-book or hire a graphic designer to come up with a creative brand image.

You'll be ready to take your message to the stage after you've tested your material online and gotten enough favorable feedback. Increasing your internet audience may help you attract more people to future speaking engagements.

5. Improve your public speaking abilities

Delivering excellent information in a manner that gets people interested is maybe the most challenging aspect. You must discover a method to appeal to your audience's deepest desires and persuade them that hearing your message would improve their quality of life. That is why it is crucial to improve your speaking abilities. To gain experience with this talent, consider joining a public speaking group, hiring a mentor, or enrolling in a public speaking school.

6. Begin for free.

Once you've figured out what it takes to be a memorable speaker, start giving free speaking engagements to schools and groups in your area that you believe will benefit from your message. People may inquire about your price as you improve your speaking abilities. You'll gain confidence in your new profession as a motivational speaker once you start scheduling paid engagements.

7. Put money on marketing.

With the assistance of a local marketing expert, you may reach a larger audience. As you get traction in your new job, your investment will pay off. Inform your friends, family, and business connections that you're looking for speaking opportunities. Continue to create unique material and seek methods to establish yourself as a topic expert.

8. Submit a proposal for a speaking engagement.

Word-of-mouth advertising is advantageous since it is free and establishes a network of contacts with everyone you tell about your speaking engagements. You may need to apply for time slots at conventions, conferences, seminars, and other venues in addition to networking. Look for speakers who talk on topics comparable to yours and see where they speak. To assist you in obtaining high-paying engagements, get the names of event organizers and contact speaker bureaus.

To your speaking success!

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