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Derek Johns
Executive Member, Inspiring Speakers Bureau
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Where do people who inspire others get inspiration?

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Sandra Barr
Event Planning manager at Inspiring Speakers Bureau

Motivational speakers are known for their commitment and enthusiasm for their work. Motivational speakers' power to inspire audiences has increased inexorably as their popularity has expanded, with more companies than ever seeking out them.

But what is it about them that makes them so inspiring?

To inspire, all you need is a personal narrative and a presentation style that resonates with your audience. Motivational speakers, also known as those who inspire others, will encourage their audiences to have a more open and optimistic attitude.

These speakers use their emotional stories to inspire and encourage their audiences, connecting to many people's hardships. Whether they've faced prejudice or have physical limitations, their stories lead visitors on a journey of dismal adversity to triumph, encouraging them to appreciate their talents. If motivational speakers leave their audience with one message, it is a simple idea that "if they can do it, so can I."

Where do people who inspire others get inspiration?

Motivational speakers must empathize with their audience's struggles to connect with them and therefore motivate them. Speakers often do audience research before their event to understand better, prepare, and adapt their presentation to the attendees.

A motivational speaker may have a compelling tale to tell, but if their delivery style isn't as exciting, they won't be able to inspire their audience. Through their tone of voice, body language, and rhythm, talented motivational speakers will take their audience on an emotional and narrative trip.

Inspiring motivational speakers have two characteristics that form the basis of their speaking style: confidence and self-belief. Some speakers use humor and wit in their presentations to ensure that they both entertain and inspire their audiences.

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